The Catalyst Vision

The new view of Digital Marketing

Hey, I'm Jagriti.

I’m a digital marketer, writer and content strategist and Consultant, who helps growth-driven B2B and B2C organizations captivate their audiences through online marketing.

Strategies that will develop your brand.

In the age of ad blocking, clickbait, and ever-increasing ad fraud, online advertising is becoming a dirty word.

It’s not the fault of the publishers’ tool—there are no major issues with the technology. But the way that publishers use it is extremely problematic, if not downright unethical.

That’s why we have created a new way to advertise online.

And it’s called Catalyst.

My vision, i.e., The Catalyst Vision is here to help you create an effective digital marketing strategy. It builds an amazing website and blog for your business.

I can also help you write interesting content for your blog and manage all your social media profiles that help your business grow like never before.

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is they try and make a strong connection with the audience, but fail to communicate it clearly. The audience needs to know why the brand matters to them.

My strategies are aimed to help you with this. In a few simple steps, I’ll show you strategies that will allow you to make a strong personal connection with your audience. Our marketing strategies help you to think from the audience’s perspective and create communications that connect with them.

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How Can I help you?

I need help with managing email lists

Nurturing leads and setting up email automation is one of the areas in which I am skilled. From your first cold lead to the next lac hot leads, I will run the perfect journey for your brand.

I need help to develop amazing content

From writing blog posts, developing ad copies, writing scripts, e-books, guides, etc, I create unique and capturing content that will help you build trust towards your audience and convert them to your customers.

I need help in building an eye-catching website

From fast-loading, responsive to clean interface, I can help you to get an online presence by developing a user-friendly and beautiful website to make your brand more impactful.

About Me

I’m Jagriti, a Digital Marketer by Profession and An Entrepreneurial thought Process by Heart. I was hardly 7 years old, I was into Sales and Marketing, I began doing marketing. Back then, I started helping dad in his business which …… Continue Reading