Hey, I'm Jagriti.

I’m a Digital Marketer by Profession and An Entrepreneurial thought Process by Heart.

I was hardly 7 years old, I was into Sales and Marketing, I began doing marketing. Back then, I started helping dad in his business which was based on crockery, home appliances and white goods. I applied some spectacular marketing techniques by selling those products and doing more upselling by adding some relevant product along. So Customers weren’t just bagged by what they need but some more value product or complimentary products along.

However, I fell in love with marketing much later when I started Discovering Patt Flynn, his free web content and podcast. How can we earn Passively by doing “Blogging, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing” in 2018. I Gathered so much more Knowledge on Digital Marketing from other variant sources.

My deep inclination towards Online Business kept me consistently increase my knowledge depth in everything related to Sales, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, and Personal Branding.

My Journey as a Digital Marketer...

I Gave Almost 1.5 years to learn Digital Marketing and I Discovered so many things in this field that now I feel that I Have handsome Amount of Knowledge in Digital Marketing and with having discovered bunch of helpful tools that lead my Online Marketing Skills to next level but still curious about it to learning so much more each day. After spending time and experimenting in this field I discovered myself skilled in WordPress Website Development, Lead Generation Mechanisms, E-Mail Marketing Automation, Content Writing, etc.

Presently, I’m working as Freelancer as a Digital Marketing Consultant. My area of Expertise is Content Marketing, Website Development, and Email- Marketing Automation.

I’ve completed my MBA in Finance and H.R. and Keen to help Businesses and Start- ups Currently working on Couple of projects and surely looking forward for more.

Wanna know more about Business Growth, Hacks, or Marketing Strategies? Or have Any Digital Marketing related queries? Hit me up by filling the form below. I’ll happy to reach out!